Arm Support Cuff

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Designed for use with Easi-Grip® garden tools, Long Reach tools and our Add-On Handles.  This plug in Arm Support Cuff utilises the strength of the forearm thus improving control and even allowing some tasks to be completed one-handed.


How to Use

  1. Place cuff on a steady work surface with the square hole pointing upwards
  2. Insert rod into hole and push home firmly
  3. Now push other end of rod into the square hole of your Easi-Grip® garden tool, Long Reach tool or Add-On Handle
  4. When you need to change tasks, simply remove from the tool and re-insert in next tool


Key Features

  • Fully interchangeable – can be used with any item in the Easi-Grip® garden tool range
  • Easy to assemble and fit
  • Aluminium rod provides durability
  • Soft-feel lining for extra comfort
  • Allows strength of forearm to be used in addition to hand and wrist


Recommended for

Weak Grip One Handed


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