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Product Information

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Designed to convert conventional style in-line tools into an ergonomic grip.  Can also be used on long shafted tools such as rakes or hoes to prevent twisting and bending.  Other uses include improved grip for vacuum cleaners, golf trolleys and other sports equipment; when used with arm support cuff household tasks such as sweeping and mopping can be achieved one-handed.


How To Use

  1. Loosen the key operated stainless steel clamps enough to slide over the handle of the tool (max diameter 40mm, 1.5”)
  2. Slide the handle into position
  3. Position clamps so that they are close to the handle and tighten
  4. Ensure tails of the clamps are tucked into the slots for safety
  5. For use on long-shafted tools use two handles at right angles


Key Features

  • Allows all the benefits of the Easi-Grip® ergonomic handle without having to replace all your garden tools
  • Soft-feel, non-slip finish
  • Brightly coloured to make easily visible in cupboard or shed
Excessive twisting and bending can be caused when using long shafted garden tools Using two Add-On Handles at right angles you can garden in an upright position


Recommended For

Weak Grip Visual Impairment One Handed Difficulty Bending


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